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Who is Brain Health Hub?

At Brain Health Hub, our goal is to promote brain health through cutting-edge research, education, and community outreach programs.
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Our Mission

Led by Associate Professor Joyce Siette, our research team aims to improve brain health research and dementia prevention using evidence-based techniques. We work together with academics, universities, communities, organisations, students, and research participants to create ground-breaking brain health initiatives.

Our goal? Better brain health for all.

Our Values

Evidence-based decisions

At the Brain Health Hub, we value decision-making based on evidence and up-to-date information.

Current research has found that it is never too early or too late to engage in dementia prevention. We may also be able to prevent or delay up to 40% of dementia by changing our lifestyle factors linked with dementia risk.

This means that everyday activities can make a difference in supporting brain health and wellbeing. We think it’s important to help individuals adopt these evidence-based practices.

Systematic processes

We also recognise our responsibility to act on a systemic level.

Our research has found that modifiable risk factors for dementia are greatly impacted by broader changes in policy, legislation, urban planning, food security, health care, and more.

As such, we believe in a population-wide, holistic approach to dementia prevention.


Collaboration is key. Individuals wanting to change their risk factors for dementia through evidence-based practices can be supported in this effort through wider societal and policy changes.

As such, we value fostering connections across academic disciplines, between both governmental organisations and private companies, and with individuals, communities, and international collaborators. Our team is diverse and multicultural and so is our research.

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