Brain Bootcamp Frontiers

The Brain Bootcamp Frontiers Project

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The included resources for Brain Bootcamp (Legacy) and Brain Bootcamp Frontiers are the same.

They can be viewed on the Brain Bootcamp (Legacy) – Resources page and have also been included below for ease of reference.

Participant Information and Consent

Project details PDF

View the finer details about your participation in this project.

Perception Games PDF

Spot the Difference

See how sharp you are at detecting changes in your environment.

Flash Cards PDF

Brain Teasers

See how quickly you can memorise details and strengthen your brain.

Sudoku and Crossword PDF

Problem Solving

Exercise your brain with the help of these brain puzzles.

Food PDF

Recipe Book

Treat your brain to a collection of special brain-healthy recipes.

Ready to start your journey to a healthier brain?