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Brain BootcampTM (Legacy) is our first low-cost, innovative research initiative targeting better brain health for older adults.

This project has been developed using evidence-based research about the modifiable risk factors for dementia. Our survey and Brain BootcampTM Box focus on lifestyle factors that research suggests when modified will reduce your risk of dementia, even in later life.

By participating in our online survey and using the resources in our project you will be providing invaluable input into future research on public health initiatives to encourage and support brain-healthy, sustainable lifestyles for seniors.

Since its launch in January 2021, Brain BootcampTM has:

  • Delivered 850+ free boxes to seniors around Australia
  • Seen up to a 72% potential reduction in cognitive impairment
  • Won 5 awards for its research and results

What you get

As a participant in the Brain BootcampTM project, you will receive:

  • 3-month self-guided project
    Provides older adults with practical ways to understand, protect, and restore their brain health and reduce or delay their dementia risk through small and simple lifestyle changes.
  • Personalised brain health profile
    This is designed to help older adults understand the relationship between their everyday habits and brain health.
  • Brain BootcampTM Box
    This contains card challenges and activities, recipes, and other goodies for a healthy brain.

Looking for progress assessments? These are currently only offered through our Brain Bootcamp Frontiers project for rural residents over 55 years of age. You can view the project here.

What results can you expect from the program?

Through this project, our early findings showed that participants gained an increased awareness of dementia risk factors and after just 3 months had committed to and achieved their personal brain health goals, showing a marked reduction in their dementia risk.

Over the course of the Brain Bootcamp (Legacy) project, participants can experience:

  • Up to 40% improvement in brain health
  • Up to a 72% reduction in cognitive impairment
  • 82% maintained or improved their brain health
  • 92% achieved their brain health goal during the program
  • Participants can see a measurable reduction in their dementia risk after only 3 months

Who is eligible to enrol?

You are eligible for our Brain Bootcamp (Legacy) project if you:

  • Are 65 years of age or over
  • Do not have a diagnosis of depression, dementia, or cognitive impairment
  • Are not involved in another program designed to improve brain health

What's the process?

Enrol in the program

Hit Enrol Now below.

Once you have enrolled in the project, you will be given access to your:

  • Brain health survey (immediately)
  • Brain Bootcamp Box (delivered to your address)

Your program will run for 3-months

Complete the online 30-min survey

Complete the brain health survey, which will show:

  • Your brain health profile
  • Improvement suggestions
  • Options to print or save your results
Receive your Brain Bootcamp box

You will receive your Brain Bootcamp (Legacy) box will be delivered to your front door after you have completed your first survey.

Improve your brain health

Your Brain Bootcamp (Legacy) box includes brain activities, lifestyle suggestions, and games to help you improve your brain health.

You are encouraged to use all the resources provided in your box along your journey to a healthier brain.

Keep up the good work

At the end of the 3 months, you will complete the same 30-min survey in order to compare your results and see your progress.

You can use this before and after self-assessment to continue improving your brain health through the suggested lifestyle changes in the survey.

Ready to start your journey to a healthier brain?