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Brain Health Heroes

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Supporting knowledge and positive attitudes towards healthy ageing in pre-school and primary aged children.

What this project involves

This project involves four separate studies that you can participate in that are designed to co-develop, test, and pilot an educational workshop in Early Learning Centre (ELC) settings.

Study 1 – Interview (Parents only)

This study involves:

  • Interview (30 mins) with parents either by phone or face-to-face.
  • Talk with us about your thoughts on how brain health programs can be suitable for your child (pre-K to Year 6).
  • Will determine preferences on discussing dementia literacy with children.
  • Receive $20 for your time.
Study 2 – Survey (Parents only)

This study involves:

  • Online survey (20 mins).
  • Share your thoughts on brain health programs for preschoolers.
  • Will explore preferences, barriers and enablers in using varied art mediums to communicate dementia literacy education programs.
  • Chance to win $200.
Study 3 – Workshops

This study involves:

  • Join 3x 1-hour workshops (online or face-to-face).
  • Help us design a performance-arts-based program supporting brain health awareness for preschoolers.
  • Receive $20 each time (up to $60).
Study 4 – Program Pilot

All information gathered from Studies 1-3 will then inform the development of an educational pilot program which will be tested in an Early Learning Centre setting. Note that this study has not yet commenced. If you are interested please contact us.

This study will involve:

  • Participating in our Brain Health Heroes 5-lesson program for preschoolers.

Read more about each study in the respective Participant Information and Consent (PIC) forms on the Brain Health Heroes - Resources page.

What results can you expect from the program?

We expect to understand the preferences, barriers, and facilitators to dementia literacy and education amongst parents and pre-schoolers and add to the knowledge on specific features that determine an acceptable brain health program for pre-schoolers.

We also expect to evaluate how these brain health programs may work in practice and provide foundational knowledge and feedback to develop a prototype brain health program targeting dementia literacy and brain health education amongst children.  

Who is eligible to enrol?

Our Brain Health Heroes project has been designed for:

  • Educators

  • Parents

  • Children aged 3-12

What's the process?

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Select Parent in the enrolment form if you are a parent who is interested in:

  • participating in this project; and
  • learning more about educating your children on how to be brain healthy.

Select Educator in the enrolment form if you are an educator who is:

  • involved in Early Learning Center (ELC) settings; and
  • interested in being involved in the brain health educational workshops.

One of our friendly researchers will be in contact with you to discuss the next steps in your participation along with guidance on how to get the most out of the study.

Get equipped

Once the study is complete, you will have gained powerful insights into what makes brains healthy and how you can better prepare your young ones to live and age well.

For more information, view our
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