Brain Health, Your Way

Brain Health, Your Way

Enrolments open

90 spaces available

This research project aims to co-design culturally relevant resources and materials about dementia awareness and risk reduction for Australia’s multicultural communities.

The findings of this research will inform a public health dementia risk reduction campaign for English, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese speaking communities.

What this project involves

This project involves participating in your choice of:

  1. Workshops; and/or
  2. Usability testing
1. Workshops (face-to-face or online)

Each workshop will focus on a specific topic to identify components that support behaviour change for culturally diverse adults.

Participate in your preference of Workshop 1, 2, 3* or all of the workshops:

  • Workshop 1 (2 hours + 2 min survey)
  • Workshop 2 (2 hours + 2 min survey)
  • Workshop 3 (2 hours + 2 min survey)
  • $30 “Thank you” voucher will be given at the completion of each workshop

*Each workshop will be spaced approximately 1 week apart.

2. Usability testing (face-to-face)

Campaign materials will be developed based on the Workshops and you will get a chance to try our first prototype*:

  • Interview (1 hour)
  • $30 “Thank you” voucher will be given at the completion of the usability testing interview.

*This will happen in late 2024.

To indicate your preference, select Enrol Now, and tick the boxes next to the workshop/s and/or usability testing you would like to participate in.

Workshop 1: Explore what brain health means to you

In this workshop, we will be diving into your thoughts on ageing, brain health, and any campaigns you know of that have addressed dementia risk.

Workshop 2: Identify your brain healthy lifestyle

In this workshop, we will be exploring what behaviours you think need to be prioritised to maintain brain health.

Workshop 3: Design a campaign to reduce dementia risk

In this workshop, we will be gathering your ideas and expertise in designing a public health campaign that works to address brain health and reduce dementia risk.

Usability testing: Test your brain health campaign

You will experience a prototype of the brain health campaign we have created based on your participation in the previous workshops, and you will be given the opportunity to provide any final comments before the big campaign launch!

Read more about each workshop or usability test in the Participant Information Forms on the Brain Health, Your Way - Resources page.

What is the targeted outcome?

Our goal is to create a public health campaign designed to inspire behaviour change in culturally diverse communities.

Who is eligible to enrol?

You are eligible for the Brain Health, Your Way program if you:

  • Are 18 years of age or over
  • Are proficient in one or more of the following languages: English, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese

What's the process?

Enrol in the project

Hit Enrol Now below.

Once you enrol, we will arrange a time via email for you to participate in either the workshops or interviews.

Attend workshop/s or usability testing interview

Keep note of your upcoming workshop/interview details and attend at the given time.

We will be asking questions targeted to help inspire behavioural change in culturally diverse communities.

Finish line

At the end of the project you will:

  • Receive up to $120 gift voucher to thank you for your participation.
  • Be the first to know when and where campaign you have co-designed will be launched.

For more information, view our
Participant Information forms.

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