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A novel public health approach that utilises a fun and engaging visual arts-based communication to improve the general public’s attitudes towards dementia risk reduction and awareness of dementia risk factors.

What this project involves

Our arts-based display encourages viewers to engage with the interactive display and activities to see what the experienced effect is on one’s motivation toward better brain health.

At the end of the study, you will have a chance to win $100.

What is the targeted outcome?

Participation and engagement of our arts-based experience will provide you the opportunity to improve your understanding of dementia risk factors. We also help provide new information on how you can make lifestyle changes to support healthy brain ageing. 

Who is eligible to attend or host?

Anyone can attend an Arts-Based Approaches display!

Anyone who wishes to host a display can apply!

For details on how to attend the next display, or to apply to host a display, hit the button below.

What's the process?

Attend the Re-Imagine display

Hit Register to attend or host below.

If you are wanting to attend a display, we will notify you of the details of our next display.

If you are wanting to host a display, we will get in touch with you within 3 days to arrange your next steps.

Complete 2-minute 'before' survey

Upon attending the display, viewers will be asked to complete a quick 2-minute survey.

This helps us see the before levels in your motivation toward dementia risk reduction.

Participate in activities

As part of the display, viewers are encouraged to participate in our interactive display and activities.

Complete the 2-minute 'after' survey

After participating in the activities, viewers will be asked to complete a quick 2-minute survey.

This helps us see the after levels in your motivation toward dementia risk reduction and if engagement with our exhibit had an impact.

3-month check-in

After 3 months, viewers will:

  • Be notified of an available display to attend
  • Talk with our friendly team on their thoughts about their experience
  • Have a chance to win $100 at the end of the study

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