Multicultural Healthy Ageing

Multicultural Healthy Ageing

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Public health campaigns targeting lifestyle approaches towards brain health for older adults are promising. However, most campaigns do not support individuals from multicultural backgrounds.

The Western Sydney district represents a large multicultural environment, with 54.1% of households speaking a non-English language (compared to the NSW average of 26.5%).

Funded by Dementia Australia and the Australian Association of Gerontology, this study will work with older multicultural adults to co-design a program to encourage healthy brain lifestyles.

What this project involves

Join several workshops to help us design a lifestyle prevention program that understands your needs and cultural background:

  • Each workshop will last around 1-1½ hours
  • Participants will be reimbursed $20 for your time.

Read more about this project in the Participant Information and Consent (PIC) form on the Multicultural Healthy Ageing - Resources page.

What is the targeted outcome?

The objective of this research project is to co-design a program to encourage healthy brain lifestyles in older multicultural adults.

Who is eligible to enrol?

You are eligible for the Healthy Ageing for Multicultural Communities program if you are:

  • Older adults from multicultural backgrounds

What's the process?

Enrol in the project

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Once you have enrolled in the project, we will arrange a time for you to join us for our workshops.

Attend the workshops

Attend the workshop on the given date (or dates) and participate in the activities throughout.

Finish line

We'll keep you updated on the development of the co-designed program.

A reimbursement of $20 for your time will be arranged for you with our friendly team.

For more information, view our
Participant Information and Consent form.

Ready to improve brain health for multicultural communities?