Public Health and Practice Development

Public Health and Practice Development

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This program focuses on conducting a number of different reviews to critically appraise the evidence and to inform policy and practice on a population-wide level.

We provide a professional and concise presentation of the most current health evidence related to your specific concern through our evidence briefs and systematic reviews.

Our team uses peer-reviewed research as well as government and other reports to address key health questions concerning policy, program, or health services.

Read more about our work in regards to public health on the Public Health - Resources page.

What is the targeted outcome?

To contribute to policy change regarding public health for older adults.

Who is eligible to apply?

Policy makers or industry partners interested in co-developing programs to support health and wellbeing of seniors in the community and in aged care.

What's the process?


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If it meets our criteria for a suitable project, we will be in touch with you to discuss your proposal.


We will plan out a roadmap to achieve the goals discussed within your proposal and help guide you towards your milestones.

Ready to help improve public health for dementia support?